Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I, Blog.

Hi everyone! I am the blog writing. No, this time, I have decided to take things into my own hands instead of leaving them for Munaf to sort out. He is such a geek and believes that, if a blog is good, it simply finds acceptance without any efforts on the author's part. Well, duh! I have had enough of this goody-two-shoes attitude on his part. Let's face it, publicizing anything is almost as important as making it good. Hope Munaf realizes this soon. And coming to taking things into m own hands, let me tell you what is important for my kind (blogs, of course). First thing is, of course, readership. More we are read, more we enjoy. But, the story doesn't end there (yeah, you wish!). A blog is a very complicated entity, so to say. We have feelings too. When a person rates a post, we feel proud of our author. When someone comments on a post, it is all the more special for us, because we get to get several points of view rather than the monotonous POVs of our author. When someone follows us, it is even more elating, just because then, we know someone cares for all this *replace with word meaning non-sense* (I'm no Munaf, see... :P) our author has to put up.

Now, that's out of the way, I'll give you what you came for. You all read the posts I host (wow, I'm a poet and didn't even know it! :P). Did you know that, posting a comment takes just about a minute of your time? Now, don't tell me you don't even have that kind of time, I see Munaf and can surmise how jobless his readers can be. (Munaf's gonna kill me if he sees this, he respects his readers a lot, you know...) Do you know how much a comment can mean to the blog and may be even to the author? A lot! If you really like Munaf's posts, please make sure you comment. I cannot, of course, judge Munaf's writings, but then, the few comments he gets tell me he's not so abysmal as I thought. You know, a minute of writing a comment can encourage the author to write better and thus, it makes me look good too :P. Then, following. I, of all people (or should I say things? :P) know how many readers I get in any given period of time and most of them are returning (yeah, I know that too.), If you are so interested in my author's writings, why don't you just follow me. If you use Google Reader, new posts I host will be updated almost immediately and anyway, shouldn't you be showing your support for Mr. Shaik when he, I'm sure, he gives you a couple of laughs at the very least :). Now, all you need to either follow or comment is a Google account and in this day and age, I'm sure no one is without one. It's just a matter of a couple of minutes and makes me look good and consequently my author, better.

Please comment and let me live. Also follow to make me look good :). And of course, try to write a blog yourself. We are still a rare race, make us ubiquitous :D. And keep enjoying my author's posts!!


  1. ha ha...nice way of telling evryone..!!!
    And by the way...comment on my blog..:P

  2. Mr. Blog's writing style has an uncanny resemblance to Munaf's :P

  3. I read this guy's blog an year or two ago when my friend told me to. Remembered parts of it which i liked. Today, all of a sudden when i couldn't recollect those lines...I searched this guy on facebook and I found this! All it brought was a Big 70mm smile on my face.. :)