Saturday, April 17, 2010


Back, as y'all can see! (read this in a southern accent.. :P). No, it's okay if you haven't, really! I don't want to be imposing such silly things on my blog's readers, I respect y'all. Anyway, as a few of you might know, my birthday is just round the corner, and the most important thing about this b'day of mine, is that, I'm gonna turn 21 tomorrow! If you are not able to get the picure to the right, think Blackjack. :P.

People tell me 21 is an important age to cross. I don't see why, though. Thing is, I believe that, birthdays are over-rated. True, it is a red-letter day in many people's life, but then, it's not like you have personally achieved something by being born. anyway, 21 s a bit different, you are completely considered an adult once you become 21, and people expect some maturity from you. It's kinda like a stream, once you cross it, the things you've left behind seem too far away and you start finding new avenues altogether. Wow, I never knew I could make such metaphors - maturity, see :P. Be practical, celebrate the day you indeed achieve something. Alright, let me indulge myself a little before my birthday. If life were a game of Blackjack, I would be hitting the spot tomorrow :P. And it's gonna be all bust after that, no? :P Anyway, it has been fun to be on the winning side of Blackjack. And now, I'm off the eplore what's good after 21! I would like to put in words what I have been for the past almost 21 years.

Let me start off with something I am good at. 

I am almost versatile with computers.
I am almost a good orator.
I am almost the best in thinking.
I am almost good at writing.
I can understand almost everything. (as in concepts, not languages.)
I can spend almost all my time on social networking site.
I almost have a job.
I have almost made it to some of the good universities in the US.
I have almost completed my graduation.
I have almost achieved Ubuntu (not the Linux distro, the African philosophy.)
I have almost understood the inner workings of human minds..
I have almost understood social ethics and cultures.
I have almost a good understanding of the current zeitgeist around me.
I have almost found out the secret of happiness. (I have understood it, but am unable to put it in words. :))
I have almost mastered Linux.
I have almost done nothing.
On the other hand, I have almost done everything.
I have been almost the best person I can be.

Finally, I am now, Almost 21!

P.S.: First things first, i don't mind if people don't wish me on my birthday (even I don't so much care about wishing others on theirs...). Please don't make it a big deal about calling me up and wishing me. Another thing, if you were to call me, don't durng 9:30 to 13:00, I have an exam tomorrow (ironic, I know :P). All the best to me! :D :D

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