Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Uncertainty Principle

Now, this is physics. The Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Speaking with respect to Physics, this is possibly the most basic and un-foolable principle. It's simple to understand. The gist of the principle is that, it is not possible to measure any property of a system without changing the condition of the system. Let me define some terms here first, "System" is the body or group of bodies or practically anything which is being observed. "Observer" is the person or thing or machine that calculates any or all properties of the "System". Now, why am I freaking you out about Physics? I recently realized a certain way to put the Uncertainty Principle. The wording is something to this effect:

You cannot observe anything without changing it.

Sounds weird, right? I thought so too, until, of course, I tried to apply this. This is creepily true, believe me! Never thought Physics could touch lives in such simple ways (knew the complex ways, of course..).I'm sure you might have noticed too. Let me give an example. Now, a couple of weeks back, I was gloating about my book reading. This is something I totally do :P. Here, the "System" is my reading books. The "Observer", my friends. Next thing I know, I suddenly lose interest in books. I must have read like about 10 pages since that happened. It beat me at first, then, I realized the severe repercussions of the Uncertainty Principle. What happens is, you try to "measure" the future, by guessing or imagining. By the basic Uncertainty Principle, you change the future by moving into a little, if not totally, different Multiverse. Er, I just got lost, getting back to the topic. Another example, I have this friend of mine who was bragging about his date and indeed, we were envious :P. In just a few days, what we come to know is he's broken up. This is creepy indeed.

So, why am I telling this now? Well, I just want to see if this stands with the Principle itself as the "System" and the readers (must be a million by now, of which about 999,995 are from other Universes...) as the "Observers". Must be fun to watch the Uncertainty principle face itself!!

Finally, to all the readers, try to see if the Uncertainty principle is true for y'all as it is for me!! And yes, try and tell me about the experience!!

P.S. : By this post, I might make your life tough (believe me, it is tough to face it when it is right into your face...) but, it is a simple science experiment and I hope you help me out with this...and for more explicit examples, contact me personally...

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